Adventure: Upper Mustang Adventure

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April 22,2018 | posted by: Nina Murray | category: Lostinthehimalaya Travel Stories

Wow, what an adventure Upper Mustang was. An amazing, eye opening experience into an undiscovered part of Nepal. Part of me does not want to share with you, as I feel I have a secret which I want to keep. However, I will give you a small glimpse into my time in Upper Mustang. Flying into Jomson, the most scenic flight you’ll ever take and beginning the hike to Lo Manthang, passing through historical villages, which are exactly the same as they would have been for countless years. The majestic desert landscape, is so barren and harsh, but yet has a real charm and beauty. The trek was certainly no walk in the park, trekking three passes of approximately 4000 meters. The challenge of these passes was worth every step to see the panoramic views of Upper Mustang. Visiting ancient stupas and learning about the rich culture and history of the place along the way. Stopping to sip hot chocolate in charming tea houses full of ancient relics. Enjoying the energy and life which comes from life in the village, goats to be milked, fruit to be pickled and yarn to be made. 

I could stop here in this blissful memory, but I did say adventure did I not? So between all this charm and beauty came the return trip… never having mountain biked before, why not try in the Himalayas for the first time? Sage words let me tell you. Certainly one of the most challenging activities I have done and a few battle wounds to remind me of my time in this part of the world, however, if you want an adventure this certainly takes the cake. Once over the initial three passes the ride changes from uphill slogs and adrenaline-filled downhill, to idyllic landscapes which can be enjoyed from the bicycle, weaving through pine forests and crossing gullys, this was some of my most memorable moments of the trip. 

So if you want a once in a lifetime trip, I think this might be it